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The Rose and the Thorn

28th August 2019

I am extremely proud and honoured to share my debut novel with you. 

"The Rose and the Thorn" is a retelling of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. It re-emphasises the darker fairy-tale elements of the original tale, but focuses more on the relationship between the titular characters. It is layered with romance, heartbreak... and danger. 

Available to download on Amazon Kindle.

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Thorn's Endeavour

The Rose and the Thorn Companion

A free collection of scenes and excerpts from the Rose and the Thorn told largely from Thorn's point of view. When did he first fall in love with Rose? What was life like before she came? How does he cope with the thought of losing here?

The Phoenix Project


Made in a lab, Ashe was manufactured to be a genetically perfect specimen, and raised to be a leader, a fighter. Until one day she fought back. 

Escaping with four other children, they flee towards the city of Luca, a dark, grim metropolis riddled with violence and disease. Despite this, and a loss that haunts them still, they manage to survive and stay hidden from their captives. All that is threatened when Ashe joins the Phoenix Project, a group of rebels bent on fighting those in power and building a better tomorrow.

But then the past catches up to them, and Ashe is forced to finally confront her true purpose....

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